SUN&FLY Packet

This is the greatest option if you are looking for a relaxing time where you just have to enjoy your flights. The rest will be handled by us.

Taking advantage of our almost 40 years experience and hard work to maintain and improve the area.  You can be sure that Gerhard, Carlos and Manuel Ganter supported by the rest of the Ganterfly team will guide and company your flights to make the most of them.

I, Gerhard Ganter will be happy to advise and accompany you myself, so that you get the maximum flying fun out of your vacation. Just like you, I am looking forward to flying great triangles or free routes together in this beautiful landscape.
Fortunately, we have a large number of very safe take-off and landing sites at our disposal. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult, as a function of meteorology and pilot demands, to choose the right launch site and route for the best flying experience. Perhaps my local knowledge could be an advantage in this?
Gerhard Ganter

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