1. Sierra de Lijar W

2. Sierra de Lijar NW

3. Sierra de Lijar SE+S


4. Landing W (hang gliders)

5. Landing W+NW

6. Landing SE



1. Montellano NE

2. Teba N

3. El Bosque W


4. Matalascañas

5. Conil

6. Lucena

Algodonales, the flying paradise

Weather and geography are working together to make from Algodonales one of the most visited and beloved flying places in Europe, as you can fly here the whole year, with all wind directions and with all levels of experience.

Almost 20 years after Gerhard Ganter arrived, Algodonales hosted the 2001 World Air Games, which proved the quality of the site. After this event more and more pilots from all over the world are coming to discover and enjoy this amazing place in the middle of Andalucia. Here you can meet an international flying-family, wit who you can share breakfasts, dinners and evenings together in the pure andalusian style.

Algodonales is not only ideal for hang gliding and paragliding, there you can also enjoy many other activities like hiking in the natural park of Grazalema, cycling, horse riding, cave expeditions, climbing, swimming or sightseeing in places like Ronda, Jerez or  Seville.

September to May, almost non stop

Probably the best thing about Algodonales is the almost non existing winter, sun and fly hungry pilots really find their pleasure here all year around, not only hours of soaring, also thermals can be found here in the middle of the winter. From October to February are even modest cross-country flights possible. The rain is not the problem either, because the rare days when it rains, it is normally hard and short, followed by blue sky.

In March, April and May strong spring thermals can be expected, the sun is already heating up strongly. In May we fly normally almost daily with good thermals and base altitudes around 2500 m NN.

We bring you to the best of the options

SIERRA DE LIJAR, the “Haus Mountain”. Normally the wind is not strong here, the main wind directions are SE (mornings) and W (evenings) for whose there are take off points, as for NW.

MONTELLANO, site close by Algodonales with take off for NE wind, thanks to the 2 take off points, lower and higher, we can also use it with strong wind conditions.

EL BOSQUE, with take off point to W is a good option when the wind is stronger.

TEBA, a good choice when the wind comes soft from the N.

CONIL, VEJER, amazing sea cliffs by the south of Cadiz.

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