SUN&FLY Packet

This is the greatest option if you are looking for a relaxing time where you just have to enjoy your flights. The rest will be handled by us.

Taking advantage of our almost 40 years experience and hard work to create, maintain and improve the area.  You can be sure that Gerhard, Carlos and Manuel Ganter supported by the rest of the Ganterfly team will support your flights to make the most of them, taking care of safety and fun.


Flying support


Pick up Service



For who is SUN&FLY Packet?

This is THE option if you are looking for a relaxing time where you just have to enjoy your flights, the rest will be managed by our professional and friendly local based team, ALL the rest.

Al long as you have you flying license you can take part of the Packet, we will personally take care of you adjusting our flying advices taking off and landing points. So that beginners are as welcome as experienced XC Pilots.

We will support your flights

Almost surely you want to get the maximum of flying out of your holidays by Ganterfly, be sure that we are looking for exactly the same goal.

For that we will take advantage of our engagement in the development of the flying site of Algodonales and the years of intensive flying experience in here and the surroundings (from Algodonales to the Atlantic see), study every day’s conditions and offer you briefings about the daily meteo, the flying sites and the possible xc-routes taking into account also your level and preferences. You can also be sure that we will give you in site possible advices and recommendations in order to improve or make safer your take-offs, flying and landings.

Pick you up, Take you up

We work hard to make your holidays with us as comfortable as possible, that’s why we have an enthusiastic and efficient team also picking you up after your landing and bringing you up again to the most appropriate starting point, or to your accommodation. We usually make 2 or 3 flights per day!.

During the very rare days where no flying is possible (don’t matter how far it could be the possibility) some interesting tourist and sightseeing options will be offered.

In the Sun&Fly Packet is even the transfer from and to the airport included (* if they are at least 4 participants of the packet at the same transfer) or a discount if you arrive on your own (taking, for example, one rental car from the airport, normally they are quite good offers).

And accommodate you

You will stay in one of our own different-size apartments, making sure that it fits all your needs. You have the option of reserve individual or double rooms in bigger or smaller Apartments, to be with your colleagues or with other pilots, sharing common spaces and talks about all around this common world of flying. We take special care not only of your good flights, also of your good rest with comfortable and fully equipped rooms and common spaces.

Duration and Price

Normally the Sun&Fly Packet is one week long and costs 530€, the usual rhythm is from Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday. Of course in our familiar flying center we are quite flexible and will be happy to find a solution if your needs are different.  Find here the available dates.

Last but not Least

Be aware that after and before the flying-related time you will be in a very beloved Andalusian village, where the balance between relax and things happening is just fantastic. Walks, talks and excellent food from the very numerous and inexpensive local restaurants will fill this time making your travel unforgettable.

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